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Natural Stone

Beauty Inspired by Nature

Granite fabricators are not all equal. Especially in the recent economic climate many granite fabricators may take shortcuts that save them money but still charge the same price to the consumer.

Custom Stoneworks decided on the opposite strategy. Instead of responding to the downturn by taking shortcuts, cutting corners, or passing costs on to our customers we expanded our capability to include larger and more ambitious projects. We believe that the quality of our work easily differentiates us from the rest of the market, that the difference in the quality of our work is appreciated by those who know, and that educated consumers, builders and remodelers are glad to pay for that quality. Our survival and success in recent years when many of our competitors have closed their doors stands as proof.

Custom Stoneworks takes pride in being a cut above the rest with pricing that is still among the most competitive.

Marble Surface


Timeless Elegance

Our  Marble are some of our best selling Natural stones . From classic Carrara to Exotic Calcutta.   Our clients really appreciate the fact our products only top quality, carefully selected by our team, are always ready to use the moment they buy. Not sure which one is right for you? Give us a call and an expert will assist you with all doubts.



Unmatched Durability

Our Granite's are all top-of-the-line, so performance is guaranteed. These are some of our top-selling products and are used by customers for a variety of different functions. If you need help choosing  one of our many Granite's for a specific project or job, get in touch and a consultant will be happy to help you.



Design With Nature

A perfect blend of polymeric technology combined with the beauty and durability of Natural Quartz. Quartz surfaces are food safe, extremely durable, very easy to maintain. Quartz is a reliable choice for any indoor application requiring an attractive, maintenance-free, moisture-proof and highly durable surface. Find out how our quartz products can contribute to your US Green Building Council LEED rating.

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About Us

Meet The Company

Custom StoneWorks was created in 2000 to serve the needs of construction businesses and home improvement professionals - and, of course,Homeowners. Since then, our client base has grown to Residential,Commercial, Multi-Family and everything in between. If you would like to find out more about how Custom StoneWorks can serve your Residential  and  Commercial Natural stone needs, get in touch today.

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